San Francisco

In 2013 I went to City Impact in San Francisco California. City Impact is an organization that is based in the Tenderloin, an area of San Francisco that people would say is full of hopelessness. The drug use is outrageous, the sex trafficking is heart breaking but hopeless? Far from it. City Impact exists to intervene in the lives of the ones that others deem hopeless. They do an amazing job of bringing life to an area of death and bring joy to the people that feel like there is no reason to smile. This was one of the hardest trips I have ever taken simply because it was not in another country, it was in the state that I live in and if I really took the time to look around my community those things happen in my own backyard. Check out my posts from this trip and if you ever want to have your life changed and see people in a different light check out City Impact.

City Impact Post 1
City Impact Post 2
Empty Streets


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