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The U Matter Campaign is a non profit organization that aims to let people know that who they are matters more than what they do. Through knowing who you are you’re able to realize your unique destiny and purpose in this world, allowing you to make a difference in the world around you.

This is an organization that I personally got to work with and it has produced a lot of hope in a very hopeless time in our community. For more information about the campaign including how your community can get involved and more about the team please check out

Here are some videos from last years campaign!

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The Unbreakable Armor

Quinn Fields

                                                        [Ephesians 6:10-20]

                    There was once a man who was born destined for great and wonderful things. You see he was an heir to a King, in fact, and he didn’t even know it. The King had made a promise to the man. A promise to protect and love the man, and the man didn’t even know it. All this and the man didn’t realize just how important he was. What’s more there was an evil prince who knew that he would lose his authority had the man ever realized his importance. He hated the man with a passion, and the man didn’t even know it! The evil prince hated him so much so in fact, that he gathered together all of his kingdom’smartest and most capable advisors to devise a plan to destroy the man, or at least crush his hopes for any kind of greatness.

                Now the evil prince and his advisors schemed and schemed, and when they were done scheming they schemed some more. They finally came to the conclusion that they needed a parasite, a leech to suck the power out of the man so they could successfully destroy him. 

                          So the evil prince summoned the most powerful parasite his kingdom had to offer. A parasite that didn’t quite look like a killer at all, it actually looked well, kind of cute. The evil prince was so perplexed by the appearance of the parasite that he had to double check with his advisors to make sure they had got the right killer for the job, and after a lot of persuasive talking on their part he finally sent the parasite out with its main objective made perfectly clear, to kill the man before he realized his true potential.

                         When the parasite had went where he was ordered he was puzzled. He didn’t find this man destined for greatness  in a place that seemed worthy of a future ruler. He wasn’t in a palace or a fancy home. He found the man he was looking for working as a hired hand in a field. The parasite didn’t understand it, but he had his orders, and he always carried out his orders. 

                     The parasite wasted no time in latching onto his target. He jumped onto the man and bit hard! When the man noticed what had bitten him, he wasn’t upset and he didn’t fight it. The parasite appeared so cute and cuddly that he actually liked it. He actually began to flaunt his new found friend to everyone he came in contact with. The people the man associated with started to want parasites of their own! They started to envy the man and his furry little friend. Everyone liked the parasite so much that no one noticed that it was actually growing in size and ugliness with each passing day. 

                     It had gotten so bad the man actually had to drag around the parasite, which had now grown stronger than the man himself by feeding on his strength. The parasite was no longer cute or cuddly. It had grown large and with its’ strength, had gained a whole lot of newfound confidence and savagery. It began to taunt the man wherever he went. The man tried to get help, but even combined efforts weren’t sufficient enough to remove the creature. With each passing day the parasite grew stronger, and the man grew weaker. The parasite began to drag the man around and the man saw no hope in removing or defeating the creature. He had given up, and the parasite began to look for the perfect opportunity to end the man’s life and complete his mission. 

                         It waited for the perfect night and forced the man out of the town. Taunting and torturing him the whole way. It took him to a remote location and detached itself from him. It began to savagely beat him. Mocking his promise and telling him how he was going to destroy his whole town as it did so. The man was so weak he couldn’t even move on his own let alone defend himself.  The parasite beat the man until he stopped breathing and then the parasite beat him some more. When it was satisfied that it had finished the man it stripped him of his clothes, threw him in a ditch, and spat on him. Laughing as it left his corpse to rot. 

                In the darkness the man heard a voice clear as day. It said “Be strong, do all you can to stand.” He gasped an opened his eyes and sat up in excruciating pain. Then the voice said “Put on the whole armor that you may be able to stand.” He looked and next to him were sandals with the words peace inscribed on them. He struggled to put them on and when he did, he immediately felt a peace like he had never felt before. It was almost like a river washing over him. Somehow by putting on those sandals he knew that it was not the end for him. He was still in pain, but his fear had vanished. 

              He struggled to his feet, bleeding and broken. He looked and again he found a tunic with the words truth inscribed on them. He put on the tunic and immediately his body started to heal. He felt his bones popping back into place and his bleeding stopped. He couldn’t understand it but he felt 100! 

               The man climbed out of the ditch and not knowing where to go he began to walk aimlessly. As he walked he passed by a house that seemed to pop up out of nowhere. A person beckoned to him from the porch, and as he approached he asked the man, “You’re here for the armor right?” confused he nodded, and heled him inside. “The great King gave me the order to make this custom armor a while ago. I thought no one would ever come for it, but I’m glad you did. It’s some of my best work and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by it.” He handed the man fourpieces: a breastplate, a helmet, a shield, and a sword. He accepted the pieces but he still had so many questions. Who was this great King? Whos voice had he heard? How did this man have armor prepared for him before he had even wandered to his home? The armor smith, told him that he also had a message to relay to him, and he told him “ I serve the great King of kings, and He has chosen you as well. It has been rumored that your life is important, and it is. More than you know. You have been chosen before time for this time. I know you don’t understand, but one day you will. Now put on the whole armor.” 

              He put on the breastplate which had the word righteousness engraved on it, and immediately he knew in his heart he was in right standing with the King, and he had the King’s favor. 

             He put on the helmet which had the word salvation engraved on it and as he did he knew it was only by the King’s love and grace that he had been saved.

           He took up the shield which had the word “faith” engraved on it and immediately he knew that the King would continue to protect him.

           As he took up the sword which was engraved with the words “the word from the Spirit” he began to hear and understand words that were from the King. He knew they were the King’s words without directly hearing the King speak them,powerful words that wouldn’t make sense to the man without the King’s approval.

                   With that his armor was complete, and it began to shine. He felt a power like he had never felt before surging through and in his very being. He felt a love for this “King of kings” even though he had never met him in person, and he knew what he had to do; go back to his hometown and defeat the parasite, and set the people free. After he had rested a while and eaten and learned to wield his new armor he was ready to set off with a mission of his own, with a newfound determination and direction.  Before he left the armor smith had a few more words for him.“ My brother” he said “be strong in our Lord and in the power of his might. Put on the whole armor of our King that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the evil one.” The men embraced and the man left, ready for the fight of his life.

                When he reached his town he was surprised to find it overrun with parasites! Big ones, small ones, it was utter chaos. The streets were littered with his neighbors, dead and dying who had encountered parasites of their own. The man’s armor began to shine so bright that the parasites had to shield their eyes. They couldn’t see what they were doing, and as they ran around aimlessly, he began to cut them down one by onand make his way through the streets. His neighbors didn’t even recognize the man. The last time they had seen him he was weak and feeble, but now he appeared a warrior in shining armor. They called to him for help, and he answered, destroying the parasites and helping them to their homes and safetyAs he walked a peace followed him and the people couldn’t comprehend it. He had the parasites on the run now and he chased them with determination. They fled to the place where their leader was, the very same parasite that had attacked him and left him for dead in the ditch. 

               As he approached shining bright, the parasite was filled with rage and confusion. It knew it had slain this man before. It also knew there was something different about this man before him clad in the new armor. It hissed and roared and threw fiery darts at the man, but his shield faith quenched every one of them. He advanced as the parasites began to hide behind their leader, quivering in fear. The parasite screamed “how!?! How is this possible!?! I killed you! You were done! How are you still here!?!” to which the man simply replied “you intended to harm me, but my King meant it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” With that he struck down the parasite once and for all, beheading it in the process. When the other parasites witnessed the demise of their leader they fled in all directions, leaving the man, his neighbors and his home. 

                  The people cheered and honored the King that sent the manto save them, and no one dared to challenge the man, for they knew there was no power like the power of this King. The evil prince couldn’t even challenge the man and he withdrew himself to hiding, attacking from the shadows, for he knew that the man would go hunting for him with the authority that belonged to the great King of Kings, and that his time was short

                 Now the man stands, overcoming any obstacle that rises against him. Still discovering the purpose the great King has for his life. Not only that but he took many of his neighbors to the armor smith, who had custom armor waiting for the King’s chosen. Ready for when they encountered their own inevitable battles. They stand together, and not even the gates of hell can withstand them! 

             Now I know what you’re thinking… where can you get some of this armor yourself? Well I have good news for you. The great King has already put in the order. I guess the only question I have for you now is: are you going to take it up?


Quinn Fields is a young man the U Matter Campaign met at SoCal’s Youth Convention! This is what Quinn says about his story, “God gave me the story to write just thinking about parasites I’ve had to get rid of in my own life. He kept pointing me to Ephesians 6:12 in particular.”

Some important verses that Quinn thinks we as Christians should hold onto include, Hebrews 10:39 which says, ‘But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved.’ and 1 Timothy 6:12, “Fight the good fight of faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Quinn wants you to know that, “We are all children of God, and as such we are destined to reign, and destined to fight!”

Keep it up Quinn! We love your story and know that it will help many people see the Bible come alive! #UMatterCampaign #UMatterCampaignWeek # FrameFriday


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