Praise Be My Song

When God called me back into the classroom, I told Him I would go anywhere but the place I received my B.A. from. Just thinking about it sent anxiety back through me. I had found new freedom from dark anxious thoughts and I did not want to go back through the hallways of triggers and … More Praise Be My Song

Immeasurably More

My junior year I had the best English teacher. Being in her class taught me that I too could one day be a teacher that loved and inspired students. Within the public school system I knew that there were rules about sharing the gospel but I also knew that there were literary pieces that delved … More Immeasurably More


“I know this might be a super weird compliment, but I love the way your voice sounds.” the cashier said as she took my debit card. Her words were far from weird. Too often I’ve told myself to stay quiet. That I don’t have anything worth saying. Her words made their way to my soul. … More Kindness


3. Hope hōp/ noun 18Thus by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be strongly encouraged. 19We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and steadfast. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, … More Hope

Abundant Grace

25. 25 years I have lived. I remember growing up the two things I could conjure up about my future was 1. I hope I marry young. and 2. I probably won’t make it past 16. Crazy huh? I grew up in the times where the church was heavily focused on Y2K and Jesus returning, … More Abundant Grace


First featured on day 19 💛 Christmas movies are my favorite. I love to sit down and put on a movie full or festive times, snowy days, and holiday cheer.  As I’m writing this I am watching the movie the Nativity. There’s this part in the movie when a woman that Mary was working … More Emmanuel 

Dear Monique,

Dear Monique, I hope today you see that you can do anything. I hope you see that the things that make you feel afraid, dont need to hold you back. I hope you see, that God speaks to you. That you don’t just randomly have thoughts, but God drops things in your heart, that are … More Dear Monique,


When people hear about what 2015 looked like for me and my family I usually get one response. “Oh my gosh. You lost both of them? So close to each other. I’m sorry.” The shock of all that I’ve been through is one thing but the thing that continues to shock me is that I … More 8:28 


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Dear Beloved Readers, Once Upon a time I wanted to write a novel, more specifically a romance novel because when this epiphany came to me I was obsessed with Twilight. I remembering thinking, heck I can do this. Of course that dream disappeared because I realized that I didn’t…