Redeeming Relationships

If you set me down as a young kid and told me that I would lose my dad before I turned 25 but our relationship would be restored, I can’t say that I would believe you.

This page is dedicated to the Redeeming aspect of God. I hope you find yourself here because you need hope that a relationship you care about in you life needs redemption. I hope that you don’t walk away picturing your story exactly like  mine but you walk away knowing and believing that God can take broken relationships and mend them. Here are some of my favorite blogs on my relationship with my dad. For 99% of my life it was hard, heartbreaking and hopeless. But in the end I gained what I wanted more than anything in this world and that was 100% worth the 1%

Enjoy Heaven Dad (July 3rd, 1958-November 9th, 2015)

❤️ Mo

Summer 2013


Facing Fear with Love


Joy in Trials

Prayers Answered