A Few of My favorite Things



If you know me you know that 9 out of 10 times I am wearing Toms. Toms is a fantastic company that based off of the One for One movement. They started by selling shoes. For every pari of shoes bought the money you spend paying for them also bought a pair of shoes for children need. People always ask me if they really do give the shoes away, and how do I know they are doing this. Well when I went to Guatemala on a missions trip in 2014 there was a Guatemalan young lady that I worked with. One night I looked down and went to pick up shoes that I thought were mine. I realized they were hers. They just so happened to be Toms that were brought by the company to give to her and other people in her community. That same year my mom (who is a teacher) received a notice from the school that a company wanted to give shoes to some of her students that were in need. What company was it? You guessed it, Toms. Absolutely love them!

They now sell shoes, coffee, glasses, and bags. Check them out at Toms.com