Friends & Inspirations

Check out some of my personal friends and inspirations that are making a positive impact in the world.


Amy Bowles

Amy is a personal friend of mine. She is one of the most caring and bold people I have ever met. She has a fearless heart for those who have been hurt by the church and worships with abandon. Check out her blog



Emily Mosher

Emily is one of the most humble and courageous young ladies I have ever met. She encompasses what it looks like to chase after her dreams yet surrender them to God. No matter the pain she chooses to see that God is a good God and knows what He is doing. Check out her blog at




Grant Guyer

Grant has a heart of a noble warrior. He has a heart for this generation and speaks truth no matter what. He understands what the love and grace of God can do in a persons life and communicates in a way that paints new perspective in his readers minds. Check out his blog at


She Has Worth

She Has Worth was the first blog that I ever read. The vulnerability and truth that is produced on this site is so inspiring. Check out their posts at