Advent /ˈadˌvent/ n. the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.

“Just because God hasn’t come through (as far as you can see), doesn’t mean He has abandoned you.” (Louie Giglio, Waiting Here for You. 

In 2016 I found myself desperately waiting for God. I had finished therapy, started teaching, went back to school, and yet had was so discouraged about the promises that I had prayed for. Everything that I was accomplishing was great, but they all required a ton of obedience, and frankly were things my flesh did not desire to do.

I remember that girl. She was so broken.

The main promise that I desired was marriage. I was so discouraged that about being in my mid 20’s and not even having a prospect that had even the tiniest standards that I longed for. I was mad at God for making me go through two deaths without that soul mate to support me through these dark waters.

I searched for books on hope, encouragement, joy. I needed to change my mindset and beliefs about God and the promises that I believed He gave me. I needed to feel Him.

That’s when I Waiting Here for You, by Louie Giglio.

Within the first few pages, I was in tears.

This was what I needed.

Desperately needed.

“God is going to come through on schedule, fulfilling His long appointed plans for you.”

Highlighting these words were a step of faith. I remember feeling like I needed these words to stick out for moments when I was discouraged. Something I could flip to and remember what the truth was regardless of how I felt. I was reminded of how God’s people waited for 400 years before they heard from Him or saw any thing that pointed to the Messiah. I was reminded that I am not alone in waiting for God to move.

“This very minute He’s working for His glory and for your good.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I truly believed that I would never get married. How I thought I would desire it for my entire life but never get it, yet how long the gap truly was between the desire and the promise. Looking at the notes that I made, the journal entries, the dates of weddings of my friends, and it was not that long. Less than 1 year after highlighting these things, I met Todd. And let me tell you, it was for God’s glory and for both of our good, that we didn’t meet on my timeline.


God had work to do in both of us, and it was not the right time for us to be together. God was molding our hearts through tragedies, jobs, accomplishments, failures, conversations, everything. God’s timeline yielded benefits, that out weighed all of the pain of the waiting brought.

It was for our good. The good of our spiritual walks. The good of our finances. The good of our health. The good of our careers. Even the good of our families.

And God gets all of the glory for it.

Dear Sojourner,

You’re so close to your promise. Don’t give up what God has placed on your heart. Don’t dispose of those dreams, no matter how big or small they seem. When they do come, you’ll see how close you were this whole time. But more important you’ll see His glory woven in your waiting and you’ll realize that the waiting was for your good.

So go do what you can in your waiting.
Interview for that position. Lose the weight. Go to therapy. Take up the classes that will bring you closer to that career. Plan that trip. Write that book. Don’t waste your waiting by halting your dreams, but stick close to the Faithful Savior that our God is.

Until the next time.




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