How Will I Get Through This

It’s been 6 months. I didn’t even realize the 9th and 11th passed by this week. Majority of the week I felt strong. But Wednesday something hit. I was losing my strength. 

Higher than the mountains that I face 

Stronger than the power of the grave 

Today we celebrated my grandmas birthday. Her first birthday in 56 years that she celebrated without my grandpa. 56 years. That means the last birthday she had without my grandpa by her side was when she was like 20! 

Constant in the trial and the change 

Cuz this one thing remains. 

What do you do when the things that used to be around are now gone? When the friends ignore you. When the spouse leaves. When the loved one dies. Those that have always been are now a distant memory. 

I’ve shared this story with few people but the night my grandpa passed I had come home about 30 minutes before he died. There was a package waiting for me. When I opened it there sat my new bible I had ordered. I was so excited! But my excitement turned to dread as my grandpa started slipping into the final stages of his life. 

On and on and on and on it goes

It overwhelms and satisfies my soul

I never ever have to be afraid 

This one thing remains

When we went to my grandmas there was complete chaos. Grief was starting as final goodbyes were ending. I sat on the couch with my new bible and said, “God. How? How am I going to get through this?!” 

He simply said, ” through my word.” 

And One Thing Remains started going in my head. 

Your love never fails it never gives up it never runs out on me 

In death in life

I’m confidently covered 

by the power of your great love 

Through his word. He was so right. 

I’m so thankful that in life and death I can be confidently cover by His great love. I’m so thankful that even when all else changes around me the one who holds my heart never changes. 

So today I choose to remember this simple truth. 

My debt is paid 

And there’s nothing that can separate my heart from your great love. 

Dear Soujourner,

I don’t know what may feel dead in your life. Maybe everything around you is changing. Maybe you’re about to make a huge move. Maybe things are absolutely fantastic! Regardless of where you find your self today choose to fix your eyes on the one who remains. The one who is with you always. My prayer for you and me both is that in life and death we’d be confidently covered by the power of His great love. 

Keep journeying. 

Always mo. 

One thing Remains Video 

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