The Journey: Oh How He Loves…

how has God shown you He loves you In the last year? Month? today? What about the last hour? 

Too often we have this idea that God is constantly disgruntled at the human race. Our picture of what the Bible calls “Our first love” (John 17) is so far from loving it’s no wonder we have problems with shame, guilt, condemnation, and fear. 

A huge part of my current journey is choosing to see Jesus as the loving groom I’ve heard about. To allow the one who first loved me to be the one I fearlessly love. 

“He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love.” Song of Solomon 2:4

This verse has led me into a question that I hope you too ask yourself. But first think about this, what is a banner? What does it do? Is it something big? Small, unnoticeable? 

One version of the verse above says, “’s obvious how much he loves me.”

When I think of a banner I think of a huge covering. Something that is not missed. Something that people know what it symbolizes. A flag. 

So the question I challenge myself to answer every time I see a flag is simply, “How has Jesus shown me His love today?” 

On days like today when it’s hard to count the ways of His love because I cloud my view with unworthy things He sends me treats. 

Treats like a sunset or a reminder of how far He’s brought me. 

Today after going on an unexpected adventure with a dear friend of mine I went on Instagram and found this little gem. 

My senior year in high school I met this spunky adorable freshman that I had the honor of walking with through a hard time in her life. This was the beginning of my heart for discipleship. 

7 years later I have found God take what I thought was a hobby and turn it into a full on calling. As I have been on this journey of transition and finding the love that God has for me as His daughter and nothing more I found the fear of losing my identity if I “took a break from my calling”. 

This simple post reminding me of the lengths God called me to take when there was no position gives me assurance that I will be who I’ve been called to be with or without a position in ministry. 

How has He shown me His love today? He’s reminded me of who I am and have been for the last 7 years. 

Dear Sojourner,

You never know what influence you make when you simply do small things with great love. Allow the “small” talents you have be used by His great love and watch lives be changed. Even if you don’t know the impact you make He knows, and He will remind you when you need it most. He loves you. Start counting the ways. 

Dear Andrea, 

You were the first girl that ever had a part of my heart that made me want someone else to be better than I ever was. To see where you are now makes me so happy. Know that God used you to spark a fire in my heart for discipleship and pushing people to be the best. I know God has huge things for you. You’ve come so far and I’m honored to have been used by our Father. It’s all grace. 

Continue on your journey 

Mo Go


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