Panama Part Two

hello amazing readers! I’ve been crazy busy the last two months and have needed to update you on how amazing Panama was. 

God did a lot in Panama this last March! My expectations for Panama were blown away. God did so much in the lives of people while we were there and since then dreams and desires have been reclaimed in the lives of the team members. 

When 2015 started I felt that God was telling me that this year would be a lot about reclaiming forgotten dreams and seeing new dreams come to light. Panama was one of those dreams of our teammate Carlos. He was born there and has a huge heart for his nation  he’s always wanted to go back and share what God has done in his life and he finally got to do that!!! 

Carlos grew up in the projects of Panama. Growing up he fell in love with basketball. His neighborhood had a basketball court. He spent hours on playing on that court. He hoped that one day he would come to the United States and play Basketball. People made fun of him and told him he would never be good enough to get to the United states or play basketball. 


And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain on tables, that he may run that reads it. Habakkuk 2:2
Carlos met God through his sister and one day he heard this verse above. He took it to heart and wrote his dream on a wall plainly for all to see. People still told him he’d never get to the United States but Jesus made a way for him to come. For the last few years he has played basketball for high school and college. Carlos has given his dream to play in the NBA over to God several times and there is so much I can say about him but I need to stay focused. 


When we went to Panama we went to Carlos’ neighborhood. The second night we were there we planned to do a service on the basketball court that he used to spend hours practicing. That alone was beautiful. Carlos got up to speak and I honestly don’t know what he said because he speaks Spanish but I know he talked about his dream of playing professional basketball and growing up in a very rough neighborhood. He shared his heart on how his dream has been put on hold and how other things have come into his life, like marriage and investing into young people. He shared about his love for Jesus and how it exceeds his love for everything else, including basketball. 


The last few months Carlos has had opportunities to go play professional ball in many other countries but they’ve fallen through. At the same time his wife Audrey was desiring to pursue school to become a nurse but they didn’t have the money for her tuition. But Carlos put her dreams and desires before his own. He had her apply and said that he would find a way to get her tuition paid. Two weeks ago Carlos and Audrey were enjoying a Sunday off and he got a call from a from a relative wanting to let him know that they wanted to pay for every penny of Audrey’s tuition! They were ecstatic!!! God took care of her dream above and beyond what they could’ve imagined. 

But there’s more. 

45 minutes later Carlos’ phone rang. This time it was an agent from El Salvador’s professional basketball team. They called because they saw an old video of Carlos playing basketball and wanted to offer him a spot on the team! 

I share this because no matter where you are in your God placed certain dreams and passions in you. People say that it’s not possible for you to see them become a reality but keep faith. God placed them in you. He knows the reasons why. Hold on to faith. Because like it says in Hebrews 10, “He who promised is faithful”. 

Carlos is now in El Salvador for the next few weeks. He has started in the last few games and has brought up the stats of the team. We, here at the U Matter Campaign, are so proud of him.  

Carlos I am so proud to call you my brother thank you for showing what faithfulness looks like and sharing your story so that others know dreams coming true was God’s thing before Walt Disney ever thought of it. 


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