We’ve been loving all wrong 

Did you know that there is someone who loves you regardless of how angry sad disappointed you may make them feel? His love for you is unimaginable and never diminishes because His emotions change. His opinion of who you are doesn’t shift. He stays focused on the potential He placed inside of you. Learning to accept His love is hard because it’s not the love you have experienced on earth. Somewhere we have miss placed the key to love. The truth is love isn’t a feeling or emotion it’s a person. And He’s loved you before you could ever do anything for Him. 

It’s crazy to me to know that God loves me even when I choose to follow the wrong voice. He loves me even when I go with the crowd of selfishness, revenge, lies, lust, greed, idolatry. He sees the sin and hates it but more than that it breaks His heart because He loves me so much. He wants the best for me. 

This is a super random post but as I journey through the truth of God’s love and grow deeper in who He is I want to say to those that have been burned, hurt, scorned by people that proclaim to love Jesus, I’m sorry that we have shown you the wrong love. The conditional love. The truth is God loves you exactly the way you are. He loves you even though you may not see anything wrong with your current life style. He loves you even though the church has said that homosexuals have no grace in the Fathers eyes. He loves you even though someone took advantage of you. He loves you even though everyone left you, cheated on you, and told you your not good enough. He’s loved you relentlessly in your mess and when you never missed church service. 

 God loves you. 

Become more at home in Him. Allow your roots to grow deeper. And ask Him to understand His love more. This world can’t afford to have anymore people tell them that they aren’t good enough to be loved by their creator. 

Ephesians 3:17-19


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