Chipped Tooth and Confidence


My mom just got us these super high tech tooth brushes. Over the past few days I’ve had to relearn how to brush my teeth because what I did before would no longer work with these high tech things. I have this spot on my front tooth from when I busted my lip near the flamingos at the zoo when I was five. This morning the spot seemed to be super noticeable. I always wonder if it will ever go back to being white because white straight teeth are good


Beauty is something that our world craves. The definition of beauty and the definition of perfection have become parallel. I have had a hard time believing that I am beautiful because I don’t fit the definition of perfection. Perfect skin, perfect nails, perfect body type the list goes on and every girl has felt that pressure.

While I was in Guatemala a lot of the things I believed before were shaken and removed. It started with beauty.

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” (‭Romans‬ ‭10‬:‭15‬ ESV)

My mentor sent this verse with me. One of the most freeing conversations I had while on that trip was one I had with Grant about a scratch I got on my leg. I’ll tell the story another time because so much happened in that moment but that night I realized that I was beautiful. Not because I matched up to perfection. Not because of anything on the outside but because I deal with fear but I have a hope and faith that even in the most scary moments my Daddy is with me and He has great plans for me.


When I returned back from Guatemala Amanda (Grant’s wife) told me that I look more confident. She could tell that I believed something different about myself and about God and she is definitely right; I just didn’t realize how different my beliefs were until this afternoon.


Today I chipped my front tooth. Yes the same one with the spot that I had noticed earlier today I chipped it. No I cannot go to the dentist to get it fixed at least not yet. To my surprise though it is noticeable but I did not get emotional. Before guatemala I would’ve had a complete meltdown. I would’ve wanted to hide in my room not tell anyone and fall off the grid until it was fixed. Today it was frustrating and I wasn’t happy but meltdowns were in the negative. No tears were shed. No depression set it. No thoughts of being ugly. But instead I was surrounded by people that spoke truth to me and reminded me that I’m okay. It reminded me that I have a confidence buried in my heart and it’s GROWN!

Earlier this year a friend of mine saw that I was getting close to the end of my journal. She asked me if she could pick out the next one. When she came back to me a few weeks later she pulled out a blue old fashioned journal that was covered in sparrows and flowers. Inside she wrote me a letter. Part of it said, ” Beauty is going to start on the inside and radiate outward because you will begin to believe you are beautiful”

I say all of this to inspire you to know that you’re beautiful. Allow your self to do scary things that God is calling you to. Allow yourself to find the confidence along the journey God has placed you on. He’s with you and as you continue to trust and want more confidence you will start to find yourself as a beautiful person chipped tooth or not.


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