“Don’t allow your longing slay your appetite for living” – Jim Elliot 

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you become utterly obsessed with it? Like a kid at Christmas something captures your eye and that becomes all you think about, dream about, talk about. With each day that goes by anticipation fills your head and soon enough you start allowing days to just flutter by until whatever it is, is in your hands.

Through this last season I’ve realized that contentment is not found in the next season. Jim Elliot has become one of my favorite people that ever walked on this earth. The truth found in his words and the character found in his life speak volumes to me. For years I have found that I allow contentment to quickly fall through my hands. Whether it’s contentment in material things or in relationships I’ve allowed the consumer mindset of this is good until the next thing comes to overshadow the truth about life. The truth is that abundant life has already been given to me. My life is at the fullest that it will ever be but I don’t tap into that fullness because I don’t realize how much I already have. I’m too busy focusing on the when’s, where’s, w h o s…When will these promises come? Where am I going to end up? Who is this person going to be in my life?

“Wherever you are be all there” J i m E l l I o t

The definition of contentment does not mean that the desire leaves us but contentment simply means that you desire something but you will still live if you don’t get it, in that moment or in this lifetime. It simply means that your desire for a job, a material thing, or even a relationship is there but you live fully regardless of if that thing is in your life or not.

I fully believe that God wants to give us desires that we have but in that journey of trusting Him is where life is found. It is when we hold on to his promises with t r u s t not with demands. It’s when we tell God that we are on His timing and and while waiting the abundant life he has given us won’t go to waste.

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