Do you Know the Way You Move Him?

A lot of times we as humans think that God is this over controling thing in the sky that does not have any enjoyment in the things we do unles it has taken away our fun. I will be the first to tell you that that’s the wrong dipiction of Him.

Earlier today one of my students texted me and told me to listen to the song “Do You Know the Way You Move Me?” by Corey Asbury. There is a line that says, “I saw it when you left you friends behind. ” My student wanted me to hear this part becasue five years ago I had to listen to God and decide to walk away from a relationship that was one of the most important things in my teenage life. To this day it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. For some time I believed that God wanted me out of the relationship because He did not want me to be happy and wanted me to only love Him and no one else.

To me this song by Corey Asbury is the picture that I now have of God. He talks about how we move God. Who ever thought that was possible?!

Today as I took time out of my day to hear God through this song I began to realize how much God really loves me. He knows how hard it is to walk away from someone you thought you once loved. He knows how hard it is to still stand up when everyone is trying to knock you down. He know how hard it is to look up to Him when the rest of the world is trying to pull you down. The thing about God is that He doesn’t only know how hard it is or see that these decisions for you are tough but He celebrates in the tiniest desire that you have to get to know Him. He celebrates in the glances or the quick prayers that we sometimes say to make sure that we are safe.

No matter what He loves us. He will never stop. He is not disappointed in you. He is proud of you. Infact when He looks at you His heart melts. He celebrates in the little because He knows how big it really is for you.

As I listened to this song God started telling me how the second I made the decision in my heart to break up with the boy I was with, He celebrated it. Not only that but He still celebrates that act of obedience. He still celebrates in the times that I didnt give up before and He will continue to celebrate. He does not get tired of celebrating the things that seem little to others but are terribly hard for ourselves.

He sees when we give things up for Him and it moves His heart. It makes Him fall in love with us even more. Yes there are sacrifices with following God but in those sacrifices He is not looking down on us waiting for us to give up more but He is celebrating. It doesnt make Him love us any more or any less but I do believe that God is constantly remembering the things that we have done for Him and it makes Him fall in love with us over and over and over again.

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