Impact- noun

The action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.

The effect or influence of one person, thing, or action, on another



About six months ago I met with a dear friend of mine. She told me of a trip coming up to Panama that we as a youth group would be taking together. I remember her telling me to be praying about it, and I immediately felt fear. In the months after I wrestled with a lot. I got to the point where I was fed up with fear. My New Years “resolution” was to not be controlled by fear any longer. I then decided to go to Panama. God says go and I figured if I was going to love on His people then He is all for it. I jumped off of a big cliff of not being prepared and simply went. As I started telling my family and friends about this trip, people responded well, finances started being taken care of and things were good.

About a month ago I started a few more fundraisers and some things were not right. People were still responding and helping out but there was a check in my Spirit. I later found out that doors were closing with Panama and instead I would be spending the week in America instead of Panama. I can not say that I was not excited. Though there was disappointed, especially because this would be the ultimate fearless trip, God had already been working on my heart and preparing it for the city of San Francisco. So I am pleased to say that June 10th– June 15th of this summer I will be in San Francisco. The team and myself will be with City Impact. I love that we will be in the Northern part of our state and be able to love and spread grace and joy to people of that city. We also will be meeting other teams from all over the country. I am excited to spread knowledge that I have but also receive positive mindsets that others have. I cannot wait to go on this trip. God still had things taken care of. My trip is 100% paid for and I know it will be grand. So San Fran get ready… some awesome people are about to come and you will never be the same.



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