Last week sometime I had a dream about this man that stole my car. The second he took it my car turned red and we tried everything but could not get it back. When I woke up I went on with my day. Little did I know that dream would come true.

Yesterday I was leaving from church to go catch up with a friend that was home for a little bit. As I left the church I felt a dark presence around me and rebuked it. Then went on to meet my friend. We talked about things that we were going through. I told her of my journey through becoming a fearless woman. We said goodbye and I got in my car.

I began thinking of the list of things I had to do before the next day. I needed to pack. See my mom. See my brother. I then thought about how I needed to get over and turn

And also my grandparents. My grandpa. I had to see him because he’s been battling cancer, I went to get in the lane to turn, and I can’t leave for a few days and not see him

My brain then thought “this isn’t the right turning lane you need to get over”

Next thing I knew a median was in front of me. I hit it. Airbags deployed. Tires screeched. I screamed. Brakes slammed. Windshield broke.

My car handle on the drivers side had been broken for a while so I could only get out of my car by rolling down the window. Thankfully my side window broke and I could get out. I searched for my phone. Shaking I called my mom and waited for her to come. Cars drove by. I was alone. I felt like I was invisible. I prayed. Another car drove by and this one stopped  and a man came out and asked me the question that I was waiting to hear, “are you ok?”  I found out later that he knew my old youth pastor.

I walked away with a sprained wrist. No cuts. No broken bones. I went to the area that I had the accident at and I was inches from hitting a pole. It’s God that was looking out for me and stayed with me in a time of testing and warfare

So much happened leading up to this. God prepared me guided me and helped me through it. My car was totaled my mind has been shaken but I survived. I’m ok. Gods grace literally saved my physical body.

Thank you Tim for stopping for being that brother in Christ that I needed when I felt that no one saw me. Thank you mom for loving me. Thank you brother for supplying me the safety that my mind needed And thank you Daddy for always being with me. For supplying extra Angels to protect me. And for providing peace, healing, and fearlessness

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