First thing Done!

So I have officially completed two items on my “23 by 23” list!! I am very excited! One of them did not go as planned but it was still super fun because I was with one of my closest friends. Okay, so the first one I accomplished was going to the forest.

On December 28th,2012 I went to Placerita Canyon with my friend Dj! We wanted to get away from the noise and busy-ness of the city and spend time with God to journal and listen to Him. I went online to look for places that we forest like and found Placerita Canyon, which was fairly close to us and so we went there. On the way up, we were talking about different things and somehow the animals that live there got brought up. Dj was super scared about the animals and I tried to reassure her that it would be okay but I also laughed at her… a lot hahaha. Little did I know, I would be the one being laughed at later haha. we got there and it wasnt what I expected. Yes it was absolutly GORGEOUS but it was also very very cold and very very wet.



What I did not realize was that we would have to hike to get to where we wanted and the ONLY thing I could think about was, what if we got lost!



I could not get my mind out of the nightmare of getting lost so after a few minutes, Dj, being the amazing friend that she is, Allowed me to talk her into going to the park instead! So we now have amazing hilarious memories that we will forever share!


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