23 by 23

23 by 23

This next year I have things I’ve always wanted to do and I am going to do them. I made a list of 23 things that I want to do before my birthday and as I accomplish them ill post pictures and write about my experience. I hope you enjoy my journey ☺

1. Make Anchor braceletes

2. Make home made leaf cards

3. Watch disney movies all day in the order they were released

4. Make coconut Macaroons

5. Go out to eat and pay for a random persons dinner, or buy a gift card to eat out and treat a random person

6.  Let someone order a dish i wouldnt usually order.

7. Take underwater pictures in a pool or the ocean

8. Go to the zoo with kid(s)

9. Spend the day with someone that I know but do not fully know

10. Do a DIY craft

11. Go see Ellen

12. Pet a Giraffe, Tiger, or Owl

13. Leave random encouraging notes to people

14. Go to the forest done December 27th 2012

15. See an owl in the wild done December 31st 2012

16. Go to the beach at night


18. Be in a random photoshoot

19. Accomplish and maintain my Health Goals

20. Get my actual passport

21. Paint on location

22. See Taylor Swift live

23. Ride more than 10 rollar coasters in one day.

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