Patience verses Long Suffering


Patience. noun. Patience is associated with being able to wait. I hear and say so many times, just be patient. Patience is normally associated with something that you know is coming but you have an excitment, anticipation, etc. for it. Patience is one of the Fruits of the Spirit.

One day I was reading Galations 5:22 and I almost skipped it, since I had to memorize this part for years, but something told me to read it. Real quick story, I currently am 21 years old and have to share a room with my mom because another part of my family had to move in. At this day of my life, I was having a hard time not having my own space that I was used too, and I was going through plenty of spiritual and emotional attacks. So I am at Gal 5: 22 and I take the time to read it. This version of the Bible said, “22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness…” ASV.

Long Suffering. sounds a lot harder than just waiting for something you KNOW will come one day. What about the times when you dont know? What about those times when there are. no. answers. What about those days when it rains AND pours. When the waves hit you and you CANT. TAKE. ANYMORE.

There are days when patience is easy because you KNOW whatever you are waiting for will come.

There are also days when you cant see a thing. When you have no idea how you are going to pay your bills because you lost your job and cont find another. There are days when all of your friends give up on you and stab you in the back. There are days when your best friend moves away. There are days spent in the hospital or crying over the grave of a LOVED one. There are days when you want it to pour but instead you are stuck in this dry, dead, financal, emotional, spiritual, physical, pit and you dont have anything to hold onto but the words “Trust ME.”

Those days you need long suffering.

All of the other days when you know it’s coming, you just need to be patient

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