God is that annoying kid

I was driving today and the song By Your Side by Tenth Ave. North came on. A string of thoughts came into my head. My first thought was “Wow, God is an annoying kid.”I immediately felt bad for thinking that random thought and apologized to God but then He said No your right I am that annoying kid. I then got a picture of a kid that stands super close to a person without touching them. God is that kid. He will stand close to you constantly, but wont touch you unless you respond back to Him. When you make the decision to follow Him, he will do things in your life. He will ALWAYS be next to you. I think the thing that jacks me up is that I know He is standing there. He has been there since I was born and since I was 3 years old and asked him into my heart. He has always been there. For some reason I think that since I know he is there I never have to respond to him. Even though he is in our hearts, we have to reach out and grab His hand. We have to respond to his presence being around us all the time. I know that he will never leave me or forsake me so I use it as an excuse but there are times in life that he wont respond unless he is invited. He doesnt want to control us, if he did he would have made us to be robots. He wants to have a two way relationship with us. He wants us to touch His heart too. He will stand extremely close and make it so easy, but we still have to do our part.

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