21 Lessons I have learned from MY life


1. God IS the epitome of TRUE LOVE. He is the best Lover you will ever find because He is Love.

2. Keep asking for things you will get an answer eventually

3. Embrace rejection. Whoever you get rejected by is one less person in the way of who your supposed to be with.

4. Be preparded to randomly become allergic to your favorite food.

5. Jokes can come true.

6. Any mother and daughter have the potential to have an amazing relationship as long as both sides know and understand that it takes work. A LOT of work.

7. Everyone has opinions.

8. God keeps His promises

9. Every girl is a Princess.

10. iPhones are and always will be the best invention… since sliced bread of course.

11. The worse pain is losing someone you love. Physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

12.  You deserve to be free.

13. Keep things simple.

14. Laugh…a lot.

15. Dream your BIGGEST DREAMS and expect them to be even bigger when GOD is on your side.

16. Dont take people too seriously.

17. Be a kid and live life to the absolute fullest!

18. Dont be scared of you future.

19. Nothing in life is like the movies.

20. Dont post status’ about people on social sites. Yes they will see them so say it to them in person.

21. You will attract what you believe you deserve.

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